The Legend of The Blue Ox Group

The Blue Ox Group is named from the tale of Paul Bunyan, a lumberjack who was larger than life and could achieve the impossible. He was massive in size with his trusted sidekick Babe the Blue Ox. Babe was his muse and partner who gave him the power to grow by empowering others. At The Blue Ox Group, we believe we all grow through the lifelong connections we make and we stay loyal no matter how challenging.

The Blue Ox represents challenge, journey, skill, and perseverance. We live by the core values inspired by that legendary tale and the belief that we can move mountains together, one at a time.


Our Core Values

  • Be resilient to the challenges we face today.
  • Have that blue sky/see forever attitude and outlook on seizing opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail or fall.
  • Strive for excellence in every way, no matter how challenging.
  • Together, we can outrun any obstacle and achieve epic experiences for each other and the communities we serve.

To learn how we can help write your tale, contact us today or call 713.804.7777.

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